(2012, 30' x 12 - HD)
director: Luca Criscenti
commentary: Antonio Paolucci
dop: Francesco Lo Gullo
editor: Augusto Fratini
produced by: Tv 2000; Land Comunicazioni
on air: Tv 2000

The main historical events, the architectural transformations and the major art works present in the most important Roman churches, the ancient Papal basilicas, portrayed in a television series, narrated by Antonio Paolucci. Five episodes are dedicated to Saint Peter in the Vatican: one focuses on Saint Peter’s Treasury Museum, three episode deal with the story of Saint John the Baptist –specifically, one deals with the Baptistery and the Hypogeum, two episodes illustrate the art and the history of the basilicas of Santa Maria Maggiore and of Saint Paul Outside the Walls. A journey through history beginning with emperor Constantine, to the major works of art of the 20th century.