(2013, 26' per 30 puntate - HD)
a programme by: Luca Criscenti
editor: Augusto Fratini
produced by: Luca Criscenti for Land Comunicazioni
on air: Tv 2000

The life of the best known and loved saints, their stories, legends and miracles: the paths of faith in twenty centuries of Christianity.
A story told with images, an itinerary through Italian and European religious art, to identify Christianity’s protagonists through their depiction in tradition and art. Thirty documentaries for a hundred saints: from the Apostles to the Counter-Reformation; from the martyrs of the Early Christian period to the monks of the Middle Ages; from the hermits to the Mendicant Orders. Francis, Dominic, John the Baptist, Mary Magdalen, Anthony, Benedict, Ignatius of Loyola e many others, as depicted by the greatest artists. The most popular Catholic saints on canvas, frescoes and statuary. Thirty 26-minutes documentaries, shot in churches and museums. A journey through the history of Christianity and a full immersion in the great tradition of Italian and European religious art.