(2010, 26' per 12 puntate- HD)
a programme by: Luca Criscenti
editor: Augusto Fratini
produced by: Luca Criscenti for Land Comunicazioni
on air: Tv 2000

The gospel as seen by artists throughout the centuries. Episodes from the life of Christ depicted by painters, sculptors, engravers, goldsmiths and tapestries weavers. Paintings on canvas and wood, frescoes, statues in wood, marble and bronze, ceramics, precious tapestries, depicting episodes from the Gospels: the Annunciation, the Nativity, the Life, Passion, Crucifixion and Resurrection. The entire teachings of Christ are shown, his parables, miracles and most significants encounters. The Gospel in Art is a journey in the history of art of the western world, from the twelfth to the twentieth century. Each documentary shows how different episodes oof religious history were depicted in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Counter-Reformation.
Each documentary shows a segment of the life of Christ, accompanied by quotations from the canonical and apochriphal Gospels, as well as other sources used by the artists, beginning with the Legenda Aurea of Jacopo da Varazze.